Lizard Leashes

The Ogle Leash is back by popular demand we are ready to start taking your orders for custom harnesses.

Backstory: I started making my leashes in 2009 when I realized none of the leashes available to buy were actually safe for bearded dragons.  The leather ones caused squishing and chafing, the string ones just weren't secure, and mammal leashes didn't fit right. I went on a trial and error journey after that to make myself the perfect harness and leash. I tried all kinds of  materials that didn't work well, I wanted something I didn't have to sew, that wouldn't fray when I cut it, and was washable. I finally found my match in oddly the vinyl upholstery section.  I took two of the sample squares and went home to experiment. After some more trial and error of literally making it on my dragon Lucius, I had a rough leash that fit well, didn't chafe, was soft and flexible but also durable. My harness fabric was found. Next I tried various leashes from plastic rope to shoe laces to yarn and so on. I finally found my match with a heat fusible rope that was completely light weight. I wanted to have a leash that would never get lost from the harness. I chose to do a slip knot for the leash handle to make sure it was adjustable to any and all who use it. Then on to toggles, over the years I have used many different toggle before I settled on the black small round ones I use today.  The toggle ensures that your harness is secure up against your animal and that it cannot escape.  I started with the large size and over the years have been able to add a small up to an 3XLsize all made with the love an attention that I put into my original harness. 

I had gotten requests over the years for wings as well so my husband and I put our heads together and came up with a few different designs. Some of those designs were popular some not so much. Most of them were too big to be practical as a harness as well. I decided to shrink three of the designs so that they could be worn in the small to large size that we have available now. As for the deluxe wings they are still available but I wouldn't recommend them for every day use.

Please enjoy our harnesses and remember they are not to walk your animal (as many do not walk on leashes) they are for safety in knowing that if something spooks your animal they are secured to you.

SMALL - $10.00each
The small leash will fit roughly 7 - 11 inch long beardies, baby uros, adult leopard geckos and other lizards around this size.
LARGE - $10.00each
The large leashes fit sub adult-adult (16+ inches) bearded dragons, juvi iguanas, baby alligators, juvi monitors and other lizards around these sizes
2XL - $15.00each
The 2XL harness is for adult tegus, sub adult monitors, and other animals around their size. This size also comes with grommets to reinforce the holes for those heavy bodied lizards. (new size no pictures yet)
MEDIUM - $10.00each
The medium leashes fit juvenile to sub-adult (12-15 inch) bearded dragons, baby iguanas, baby monitors, and other lizards and animals around these sizes.
1XL - $10.00each
The 1XL is for bearded dragons bigger than 600 grams. This size also fits most sub adult tegus, juvi gators and sub adult monitors.
3XL - $20.00each
The 3XL harness is for adult iguanas and other big bodied animals. This harness also comes with grommets to reinforce the holes.
Winged Harnesses
Small - Large $15.00each
Folded Wings
Bat Wings
Fairy Wings
Deluxe Winged Harnesses
The deluxe winged harnesses only come in the large size.

To Order:

Please choose a size and then colors for a harness and leash from the lists below then e-mail me at

I will then send you an invoice for your order via PayPal.

Harness Colors:
Black, White, Light Grey, Shadow, Polka-Dot Grey, Blue, Mermaid Blue, Cornflower Blue, Metallic Patterned Blue, Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Tan Snakeskin, Hunter Green, Mauve, Red, Burgundy
Small Leash Colors:
Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink

Medium and Larger Leash Colors:
Black, Red, Navy, Turquoise, White, Pearl
USA ground shipping starts at $3.00 per leash and priority mail is $6.00.
International is $8.00 per leash and a $1 more per leash in the same envelope.
If you buy in bulk (wholesale) I do make sure you get the cheapest shipping I can.

Shipping can take up to 2 weeks or so for USA orders and up to 30 days for International.

Rush orders needed within a week (only available in US) will be charged a $5-$10 rush fee depending on what is ordered!
WHOLESALE - 30 piece minimum order
I do offer wholesale to anyone who would like to buy in bulk and resell my harnesses. I do ask that you do not undersell me. My base price is $10.00. Please respect that and charge accordingly. Thank you!

Small - 1X are $3.00 each
2X are $8.00 each
3X are $10.00 each
Small - Large Winged Harnesses are $8.00 each

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