Basic Bearded Dragon Care

Enclosures: Go no smaller than a 20 gallon aquarium and no larger than a 40 gallon for a baby. Once your dragon reaches 12-14 inches you can move them to a 40 gallon breeder size tank or bigger. You can also use plastic sterilite or rubbermaid bins. We use a rack system so we have 64 qt bins for babies and 105 qt bins for our juvis and 50 gallon bins for adults.

Substrate: Paper towels, newspaper, non stick shelf liner, slate or unglazed ceramic tile. We personally use paper towels for babies and newspaper for adults.

Decor: Greens dish, water bowl, and a basking area. These things are all needed but what you actually choose comes down to preference. For adults we use small ceramic bowls for greens, 9x9 pyrex bowls for water, and either a tile square or a sandstone rock for basking.

Lighting: Repti-Sun 10.0 florescent tube light that runs the (almost the entire) length of the cage, and a basking light above the basking spot. Looks kinda like this .----- 

Temperatures: Need to range from 100-115 degrees in the basking area for babies and juveniles. Make sure your dragon has a cool area of the cage to retreat to. The cool spot of the cage should be at least 75/80 degrees. Night time temperatures can be as low as 60 degrees. If they go under 60 you'll need a ceramic heat emitter.

Water: Offer at least a small water dish and baths every day for a baby,  every other day to every three days for adults in warm water (98-100*F) for 5-20 minutes.

Feeding: Baby beardies will need to eat lots of insects and fresh leafy greens. Insects should be offered to babies 2 to 3 times a day and adults once daily. One baby is going to eat anywhere from 20-100 appropriate sized bugs a day.  Babies need their insects to be dusted daily with Calcium to help support their fast growing bones, and 2-3 times weekly with a multivitamin. Adults, however need insects to be dusted every other day with Calcium and once or twice a week with multivitamins.

Insects: Crickets, roaches (dubias, discoids, turks), worms (silkworms, hornworms, black solider fly larvae, superworms ) We feed mainly dubia roaches with some variety thrown in.

Greens Salad: Collard, mustard, turnip, endive, escarole, shredded raw butternut squash

Foods - here is a great list of things your dragon can eat.

My husband made me this Beardie Care Sheet. It is set to the song Thrift Shop by Macklemore.


Bearded Dragon Shoppin'
Written by: Travis Ogle

I'm gonna get a dragon
And nobody's gonna knock it
I'm shopping looking for a setup
This is gonna be awesome

Walk up to the reptile show like, what's up I got a basking rock
Purchased it down the street from the rock shop
Nice basking ledge, keeps dragon toasty
with temps like one hundred, for an adult that cozy
Babies like it hella steep headin to the one-thirteen
Clear 40 to 75 watt bulb saves you some green
In a 40 breeder tank, adults turn nice and free
Paper towels equal dragon bliss, some like newspaper sheets
For site? Tile works and is about $.99 cents (per foot)
Coppin it, washin it, tanks about to get some compliments
Might opt for a 54 quart plastic bin, to keep baby in.
Too big and you'll frighten it man.
I am saving and favoring and
saving my money next need though isn't a bargain, twitch
Lights gotta be ultra style, lights GOTTA be ultra style.
No for real lights have to be Ultraviolet don't let me down
Arcadia 12% and Reptisun 10.0 dragon winners
Calci supplement on bugs they be diggin
They need once a day for, adults and babies don't need more
And a vitamin three times a week
Healtho, health, my dragon man, nice and mellow.
Not-ta pain, shallow food dish for my greens you know?
Dragons have no wings, ledge it's swimming pool, ah fellows
My dragons in and like "awe, my own little Melrose"

What you should know about feeding your pet dragon
That all depends on the size of its noggin
Eye spacing, eye spacing, bugs bigger could cause choke-age
3 mins past, feedings over put the bugs up
Tasty foods, roaches like dubia, discoids or turks
Cause those bugs make a dragon feel like strutin'
Another good meal, you can feed the horn (worms)
Mealworms not, shell is thick hard on digestion (impaction)
Your collards, your dandies, your mustards, your turnips,
Take those favorite green yummies, tear by hand, toss that salad sucker.
We throw in beardie bites ton top that nature wonder
Dragons be like "oh that Nature Zone- thats smellas right"
We like, I know its good for nutrition support.
And one last addition, to help end the suspicion.
Sharing dragons may get hurt, that's some dominating twitch (bite)
Let each dragon have its own business.
Two sharing hella no.
No two are the same, but all should be treated equal on the same boat.

Dragon game, come take a look through my reptiscope
trying cut corners for your dragon and you wella won't
man you wella won't

And now your dragon knows
It looks incredible
Its on its big oh rock
From the rock shop down the road
Cured your dragon woes (darn right)
It looks incredible (now come on man)
It's on its big oh rock (big oh rock)
From the rock shop down the road (lets go)

Is that your OgleRpets leash?